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How do I know whether I’m officially booked for a recording slot?

After you have filled out the form above, we’ll reach out to you by email in order to send you the details of when your slot will be. However, to ensure your session is booked, you should check the calendar above. If your session isn’t there, send an email to our board and we’ll be sure to sort things out ASAP.

How do I become an engineer?

CU Records provides studio engineering training every semester. This primarily involves attending two training sessions and then two shadow sessions. Sign up here.

Do you provide mixing and mastering services?

CU Records only provides the equipment, personnel, and space necessary for recording audio. We do not provide help with editing the audio afterwards. However, if you are looking for help with audio engineering, ask around and you might find someone willing to help

Can I get a large chunk of time to record a large project I’m working on?

Although we’d love to give everyone as much studio time as possible, there are only so many studio engineers for the many different people who want their audio recorded. Therefore, CU Records cannot offer large chunks of time for non-engineers to record. However, if you do want to record more extensively, we recommend becoming a studio engineer, because studio engineers can record whenever the studio is free and open.

Can I get a consistent spot every week to record a project I’m working on?

See above. Because there are many different people who need their music recorded, we cannot offer consistent weekly spots to non-engineers. However, all studio engineers can record themselves, so we recommend becoming a studio engineer if you want to consistently record.

I generally know my way around the studio. Can I come and record myself when the studio is free?

Although we’d love to let you record yourself, part of our deal with Columbia says that there must be a certified CU Records engineer in the room any time the room is in use. Therefore, if you want to record yourself become a certified studio engineer.

I have no recording/music experience. Can I still come and record / can I still train to become an engineer?

No experience is required to record. Just tell the engineer you’re working with what you plan to do and they’ll help you carry it out. The same goes for training to become an engineer; we hope to train you so no experience is necessary.

Can you advertise my music/program?

CU Records is a studio space not an advertisement platform, and thus, we do not advertise anything.

Can I borrow equipment from CU Records?

None of CU Records’ equipment may be removed from the studio. However, don’t lose hope; IMATS and WBAR provide equipment loaning so contact them if there is a certain equipment that you need.

Can I leave my equipment in CU Records?

Yes, you can keep your equipment in CU Records if it doesn’t take up too much space. However, if you do leave your equipment in CU Records, you must be okay with other members of the CU Records community using it as well.

Can I donate to CU Records?

Of course! CU Records is completely student-run, so any and all donations can be extremely helpful to our goals. If you do want to donate, message us through our email at curecords17@gmail.com

What happens if I break something in CU Records?

If you break something owned by CU Records, you must compensate us for the damaged item so that we can replace it. If you broke something owned by someone else, you should contact them and figure out how to pay them back. More details will be provided contextually.

Can I use this place as a practice space?

CU Records is not meant to be a practice space, but rather a place to record pre-made music. However, if you do want to play around, we have weekly jam sessions, on Saturdays 4-6 PM, where you can practice with other musicians on campus.